Combining the expertise of literary stylistics and critical discourse analysis Sam’s editorial work goes beyond basic proofreading. Sam not only reads but comprehends what he reads with critical acumen and analytical brilliance. His perfectionism and meticulous attention to detail helped me bring the final draft of my thesis to a manuscript of publishable standard retaining the original voice which I have long worked to develop.

Dr Hanna Maria Bulawka, author of ‘Gender Representations in the Polish Press’ (Warszawska Firma Wydawnicza, 2013)


Dr Bennett was recommended to me as a competent proof-reader a while ago. Since then he has proofread three, perhaps more, very long and difficult papers on cognitive linguistics. All of them have been published in high standard international periodicals and the reviewers commended the language of the papers. It is not only his native speaker competence that makes Dr Bennett a very good proof reader. His PhD degree in linguistics, and very interesting education in Developmental Studies and International relations, also make him a very competent and inquisitive “content proof reader”. His lucid and inspiring comments undoubtedly improved the quality of my papers. I will certainly use Dr Bennett’s skills and knowledge in my future academic work.

Aleksander Szwedek, professor emeritus, Poznań & Academy of Social Sciences, Warsaw


I highly recommend the services of Dr. Samuel Bennett as a proofreader. Dr. Bennett is not only a native speaker, but also holds a doctoral degree in Linguistics and works as a scholar at university. Being a specialist in the field of discourse analysis makes him extremely sensitive to issues of language and its multiple meanings. Moreover, Dr. Bennett’s work is not limited to the correction of the language, but he also formulates highly accurate substantive remarks, making a significant contribution to the author’s work. Finally, he is a very precise, reliable and timely person, which makes cooperation with him really enjoyable.

Dr Natalia Bloch, Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań


I can recommend Sam Bennett to anyone searching for a competent and reliable proof-reader who provides top-quality services. He meets deadlines and delivers high quality texts. It is always a great pleasure working with Sam!

Dr Magda Zabielska, Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań


As an academic publishing in English worldwide, I take great care to give my writing a professional native polish. I’m very happy with my collaboration with Dr. Sam Bennett on parts of my book, published by Oxford University Press. He has an eye for detail, pays attention to appropriate register and keeps deadlines! Very much recommended!

Joanna Kopaczyk, University of Edinburgh/Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań


Biuro tłumaczeń „SKJ Languages” od kilku lat współpracuje regularnie z Panem Samuelem Bennettem. Współpraca dotyczy korekty językowej artykułów naukowych z różnych dziedzin przeznaczonych do publikacji w naukowych czasopismach zagranicznych w języku angielskim, a także referatów wygłaszanych na konferencjach międzynarodowych.

Z pełną odpowiedzialnością rekomendujemy Pana Samuela Bennetta jako lingwistę doskonale realizującego korekty, którego profesjonalizm, sumienność i terminowość jest nam bardzo dobrze znana.

Elina Szago-Lalak,


I have been cooperating with Dr Bennett for some time and he has been doing proofreading and language polishing of my papers for scientific journals, conference papers and presentations. All of the papers have been published in high Impact Factor journals (with rigorous language proficiency) and although dealing with our papers requires subject specific terminology, there were only ever a few language comments. What is important is that Sam not only does the correcting job, but also very often suggests alternative language solutions, which is of vital added value. The price to outcome ratio is very effective and I am sure I will use his skills in the future.

Prof. nadzw. dr hab Michal Bronikowski, Eugeniusz Piasecki University School of Physical Education, Poznań